BigBlueButton is web-conferencing solution used for meetings. In order that your use of the BigBlueButton go undisturbed, please read the following few things that you can affect to make your meeting go smoothly.
  • The first thing is to check which browser you are using. We strongly recommend to use the Chrome and Firefox browser. This will enable you to use the screen sharing functionality offered in the online meeting room. Unfortunately, the screen sharing feature is not supported by the Edge and Safari browsers.
  • The other thing is to make sure the browser allows you to use the microphone.
  • Check if you are connected via VPN - These are usually very restrictive. If you are in the office using VPN with your Company network, turn off VPN for the duration of the session.
  • The equipment should be tested on the test link
  • On older operating systems (especially old Linux versions) communication via BBB may be difficult or even impossible.  
  • Computer recommendations
    Laptop or desktop computer with (at least) 4GB of memory and a 2Ghz processor
    Most computers bought in the last four years should meet the minimum requirement.
    Audio: We strongly recommend using a headset. A headset will ensure that others can hear your voice clearly and you don’t cause echo or background noise for others.
    Bandwidth presenter role: at least 2.0 Mbits/second upstream and 5 Mbits/second downstream.
    Bandwidth viewer role: at least 1.0 Mbits/second upstream and 2 Mbits/second downstream
  • Internet Speed Test
    Check your internet bandwidth to see if your internet meets the speed requirements.
    Presenters should pay close attention to the upload speed as it will greatly impact the user experience.
    Please close all other online communication tools like Skype, TEAMS, ZOOM, Netflix … while joining your B2B online meetings.
    Ask household members to refrain from using bandwidth intensive activities such as gaming online or streaming media while you are presenting as these activities can diminish the bandwidth needed for web conferencing.
In case that you still have problems with establishing communication via computer, try to connect by tablet or mobile phone. Make sure that microphone is enabled for the browser.
Also, as the last solution you can use alternative channels such as skype, viber, hangouts ...
  • How to join a meeting via big blue button?
After you have scheduled a meeting, a few minutes before the meeting, go to your profile, in the part where the meetings are scheduled and click on the online meeting.
After that the Meeting Foyer page is opened and you can go to the meeting room.
When you enter the meeting room the BigBlueButton client loads up in the browser, you have two options to join the audio, to join the microphone or listen only. You need to select the microphone.  
When you have selected the microphone it will put you into an echo test which allows you to hear your audio coming back from the server, and you can make sure the audio sounds good, that microphone is working and after that click YES.
You have entered a meeting and are waiting for your meeting partner to join you.
On the right side of the panel is a presentation area where is possible to update the slides. 
In the middle of the screen is the chat area. By default you are in the public chat. You can click on anyone’s name and do a private chat, and that is just between you and other person. You can close chat panel and give yourself more room for the presentation.
The left panel shows you the users list and a couple other options for public chat and shared notes. When you are talking your icon is highlighted. Persons which are muted will have a little red icon. On the left side of the panel there is another area called shared notes which is a collaborative area for all users in the session.
You can mute and unmute yourself while the session lasts by clicking on microphone icon on the bottom of the panel. There is also ability to share your webcam. You can click share webcam and it will come up, it will give you a choice of cameras, and you click start sharing. If there is two or more webcams you can minimize the presentation area, and you can also minimize the panel on the left, so there is just a video chat.
All this you can watch in video tutorial on youtube: 
Also, you can find more tutorials on:



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